This is an old article I wrote for The Big Tip. Written on 17/09/11

Most recently, there has been talk of the ABC cutting back on their arts and sports coverage. If this happens, I can see the demise of the now humble state footy league.

As I live in Melbourne, I get treated to a wonderul display of VFL football each week. I often choose these games over watching the AFL for many reasons; they are live, it’s real footy without umpires influencing the game all the time and the quality of the football is often much better. I can’t speak for citizens of South and West Australia and also Tasmania, but I presume they would say the same.

And what about Tasmania? They don’t have an AFL team. Sure, some of them may be able to get too Tasmanian State League games, but what about the elderly, the disabled and the people living in country regions? The same could be said for the other states as well, but the lack of an AFL team makes it harder for Tasmanians to get their Footy Fix.

I must say I hardly watch the ABC. Media Watch, the Gruen Transfer, the Marngrook Footy Show and of course the VFL is about as far as my viewership goes. If State Footy goes, I could see a dramatic drop-off in viewers to the ABC.

State leagues are fantastic breeding grounds for mature age recruits. Something else I have noticed is that people who also watch State Footy, seem to travel well in Supercoach, due to them knowing about those mature age stars.

What do you think? Should the ABC continue its state league telecasts?

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