This is an old article I wrote for The Big Tip. Written 12/10/11.

No, this is not an article about Andrew Bogut. This is about the TV channel that WAS once all our best friend. One HD.

The NBL has accepted an offer from the Ten Network to cover three games a weekend. All good. Except that they are all at 10:30pm ADST. The other offer that Ten put to them was one live game a week on Channel 10. They obviously rejected that offer, and so they should have. Both offers put forward are terrible.

Last season, One had two games every weekend, and they were both live. This was fantastic, especially for fans like me who had neglected the league for many years. I found myself really getting into the games, and their review program on Wednesday evenings was a great show. The question is, why couldn’t they deliever the same this year?

We all know that One is now a carbon copy of 7mate, with the odd splattering of sport occasionally. They changed to their current format in early April, due to declining viewership numbers. Half of the time they were just playing NASCAR replays anyway, and the Volleyball Championships appeared a lot. But why does this mean that the good sports and local stuff has to go?

This season could just be the best one yet. The NBA season again postponed for a further two weeks, this means Patty Mills will be with the Tigers for longer. This also means that One will have free broadcasting space where the NBA was supposed to be televised. By the way, this NBA action would be live. Why can’t the NBL be Live? But no, this world class NBL action will be at a 3rd world time of 10:30pm.

Lift your game One HD, because the NBL is leaving you behind.

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