In this tournament so far we haven’t seen the best displays of Twenty/20 cricket, but on Monday night at Etihad Stadium, it (the tournament) came of age to some extent. And guess who gave us the most excitement.

Brad Hodge.

I was lucky enough to attend the match (my first Big Bash game) and was critcizing the format early when the Sydney Sixers where just intent on getting the singles. Then there was not much more of that when the home side came out to bat, more so when Hodge and captain Andrew McDonald reached the crease.

They smashed 124 runs in a partnership that included 10 sixes, more than the two by the whole of the Sixers side, to smash the visitors by 8 wickets and keep them in the hunt to win the Big Bash trophy.

In the last 8 overs the pair belted 99 runs, with Hodge finishing 72 not out and McDonald also not out for 60 on man of the match.

The crowd was around 10,000, but I can assure you that the atmosphere was more like 35,000. Obviously more of these displays will lead to bigger crowd.

On Saturday night at the MCG, when the two Melbourne sides clash for the first time you can expect the biggest and most exciting match of the season and upwards of 40,000 will be at the home of cricket.

What do you think?

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