Another article I have written for BigFooty News

There is a lot of controversy swirling around at the moment surrounding video reviews in recent matches.

As we all know, this new technology is being trialled in the NAB Cup.

Many have criticised it for slowing the game, and the current success rate is pretty dismal with only 2 decisions overturned from 6 referrals.

There is certainly a place for it in the game though. We have seen how calls have affected some games, including the much-publicised Tom Hawkins ‘hit the post’ in the 2009 Grand Final.

Nobody likes to stop or slow the game, but we need to make sure that a Grand Final isn’t potentially won or lost because the goal umpire didn’t have the right angle of the football.

Although some beg to differ, the majority of rule changes in the game are for the better.

Again, our game needs to get on the front foot and take advantage of soccer’s apprehensive attitude towards technology and take the lead of other sports like, as much as I hate to say it, rugby league, in using these methods.

In saying this, technology in football should only go as far as goal-line decisions and it should not go the same route as tennis, where calls are challenged without the players even thinking about it most of the time.

The AFL is currently considering implementing goal-line technology in the home & away season and a decision should be made in due course.

They think that the NAB Cup trial so far has been successful, but in saying that, they thought the line through the middle of the ground in the NAB Cup a few years ago would stop teams kicking the ball backwards. That worked Adrian!

This technology will benefit the AFL immensely. And to the critics, I’m sure you’ve been chanting and cheering at the cricket awaiting the 3rd umpire’s decision. It’s not all negative.

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