Once again I have failed to actually produce this video for YouTube due to time constraints but I do have to document my favourite hit songs of the year somewhere, so here it is on my website.

15. Sorry – Justin Bieber

Biebs came back this year and released some quality tunes and is quickly turning haters from 2010 into fans in 2015. The reaction to his tunes has been over the top but still, Sorry is just a really fun hit,.

14. Cheyenne – Jason Derulo

Derulo has partly redeemed himself for last year’s Wiggle debacle with Cheyenne. It didn’t get as big as I had hoped but I did still manage to hear it a few times on radio.

13. FourFiveSeconds – Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney

The first few seconds I heard of this song I was a bit underwhelmed due to its acoustic nature. However as soon as Kanye opened his mouth I was just filled with so much positivity (funny that). Rate it a lot but disappointed none of the artists released albums this year.

12. Georgia – Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s subsequent releases haven’t provided me with as much “joy” as Riptide, except for Georgia. I really like how slow this song is as it builds an atmosphere that showcases the full extent of Joy’s vocal talents.

11. Trap Queen – Fetty Wap

Remy Boys, 17:38. What more needs to be said? Trap Queen reminded me of the ‘default’ electronic music of 2009-2010, and after the dull years we’ve had in 2013 and 2014, a return to the beats that started the decade was much appreciated by everyone, hence the song charting so highly. His weird voice certainly added some colour to 2015 too.

10. Irresistible – Fall Out Boy

I was pumped for FOB’s new album and this became my favourite immediately upon release. Just in the last few weeks this has been creeping up the charts and hopefully I can put the ‘Pitbull’ curse on it. (Last year I put ‘Time of Our Lives’ on this list despite it being a new song, it later hit the top 10 on Billboard).

9. Renegades – X Ambassadors

Who thought a Jeep commercial could foster such a big hit? This rock song is minimalistic but I loved it. Music video also sends a brilliant message.

8. Post To Be – Omarion, Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko

DJ Mustard had a massive 2014 but was largely nonexistent in 2015 barring this hit, which I would call his best beat. I love the blend of different voices going on in Post To Be and I couldn’t help but smile when Chris Brown hit the high notes.

7. King – Years & Years

I was pumped when I heard that Years & Years had won the BBC Sound of 2015 poll. Their song Desire I loved towards the end of 2014 but King topped it. I was surprised and disappointed it didn’t make Billboard but still a very well known tune nonetheless.

6. Firestone – Kygo & Conrad Sewell

My first favourite of the year. 2015 was arguably the year of the Tropical house genre and it was Firestone that set the tone.

5. Sugar – Maroon 5

Maroon 5’s best song in a very long time. Stayed up late one night to watch the premiere of the music video and was not disappointed. Very pleased that this song did as well as it did and how it won over people also surprised me, with a mate who generally hates any type of pop song expressing his liking for this song.

4. Wesley’s Theory – Kendrick Lamar

The first track from ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ is my favourite. I’m not the biggest fan of rap but I simply admire this song’s intensity.

3. Beautiful Now – Zedd & Jon Bellion

Love the build up on this song, it’s the type of tune you want to have played at important moments in your life. The beat makes you want to go out and do something monumental.

2. Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

I tipped this! Last year this was number 8 on my favourite songs list and this year it got huge. I’m not sure it’s possible to hate this song, it’s just pure fun.

Honourable mentions: Magnets by Disclosure & Lorde, Tear in My Heart by Twenty One Pilots, Perfect by One Direction and The Nights by Avicii.

1. Style – Taylor Swift

Simply the best pop song of the year. The electricity it has reminds me of ‘Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga, which I would call one of the best hit songs of 2011. The last bit of this tune with Taylor screaming is chilling. It probably should’ve been on my favourites list but I thought I would rather give it the plaudits it deserves as number one on this list.

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