My stories for 9News Adelaide in February 2023.

An Eyre Peninsula tourist hot spot, known for its fresh seafood straight from the wharf and adventure wildlife experiences, has claimed a national award.
Port Lincoln named Australia’s third most welcoming town. @BySamMills #9News
A police manhunt is underway for three men who stormed an Elizabeth North home and attacked the resident with a hammer and torch.
The victim rushed to hospital with head injuries. @BySamMills #9News
The carnage on South Australia’s roads continues, with another two people killed in separate crashes in the last 24 hours alone.
The latest a local man killed in the heart of Wallaroo on the Yorke Peninsula
New footage of ramping at our hospitals has emerged despite latest data showing South Australia’s numbers are on the improve, but the opposition says the pace is too slow.
It’s calling for urgent progress on a new ambulance headquarters. @BySamMills #9News
Investigators are scouring through waters in Adelaide’s south, searching for the body of a man who they believe was murdered in 2020. @BySamMills #9News
A frightening assault seemingly at random in a park at Fulham.
A 63-year-old dog walker bashed by two men in the Ashburn Avenue reserve, left with head injuries. @BySamMills #9News
There is a warning to South Australians tonight, as a fire caused by an air conditioner guts a home at Kidman Park.
The family made a narrow escape, with neighbours raising the alarm, as smoke filled their street. @BySamMills #9News
A man’s been busted in the act by police as he attempted to steal copper piping from a construction site in Adelaide’s north east. @BySamMills #9News
The Power and Crows have frozen AFL ticket prices for the upcoming season, in a bid to fill Adelaide Oval’s stands amid cost of living pressures on households.
But South Australian supporters will fork out much more at the gate than footy fans in Melbourne. @BySamMills #9News
Banks have shut up shop for good in two South Australian towns tonight, leaving locals without a branch.
Tailem Bend and Coober Pedy residents furious, Now expected to travel out of town to complete their banking. @BySamMills #9News
The strange death of a Northern Suburbs man is tonight under investigation after he was found dead at the wheel of his submerged car, in waters off Hindmarsh Island.
Anyone with relevant information to the investigation is urged to come forward.
@BySamMills #9News
There’s a push for Easter Sunday to be declared a public holiday, bringing our state inline with the rest of Australia.
Workers currently miss out on hundreds of dollars of penalty rates, but a change in time for this year’s long weekend is off the cards. @BySamMills #9News
Police are on the hunt for vandals who broke-in and trashed a school in Adelaide’s north east.
Parents at the morning drop-off shocked by the extent of the damage. @BySamMills #9News
A South Australian motorist has somehow managed to walk away with minor injuries after crashing into a median strip in Adelaide. @BySamMills #9News
An Adelaide police officer has expressed his relief as the man who brutally attacked him on the job lost a bid to overturn his conviction.
He says he still lives with the mental scars, but at least today, the long and arduous court process has come to an end. @BySamMills #9News
A Brompton man’s been arrested, accused of speeding off from police with drugs and weapons in a luxury car.
The suspect was found hiding in the front yard of a home. @BySamMills #9News

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