This is an old article I wrote for The Big Tip. Written on 20/8/11.

I’m pretty annoyed at the moment, though I really don’t have much right to be. Collingwood are going well, despite a few injuries, but yet again, the talk of our coach comes up in the media.

Mick Malthouse has said that he will not coach in 2012, yet this does not stop the media and betting agencies still putting him amongst the favourites to coach Melbourne or the Western Bulldogs next season. The facts are exactly this:

He has a contract with Collingwood for the next 3 years to be a coaching director overseeing Nathan Buckley.
His wife does not want him to coach and they want to travel around the world together. This has been mentioned on The Footy Show.
He has said on numerous occasions that he will NOT coach in 2012.

Do the media, particulary Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun, not get this? There seems to be a new story everyday about Malthouse leaving the Magpies. The latest is that a rift has occured between president Eddie McGuire and Malthouse, which McGuire has denied emphatically.

It’s worthwile to remember that only two years ago he was un-wanted.

Will this story ever end? You can only imagine it would get worse if Collingwood go back-to-back this year, which of course I wouldn’t mind one bit.

Not looking forward to the off-season!

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