My stories for 9News Adelaide in October 2022.

Business owners in South Australia’s tourism and hospitality scene have been given a much welcome boost with the return of working holiday makers.
Backpackers and travellers once again helping to fill the gap in our workforce. @BySamMills #9News
A South Australian aged care home is in the midst of a #COVID19 outbreak. @BySamMills #9News
A group of fashion-forward thieves has made off with almost $30,000 worth of clothing, after smashing into a boutique in Adelaide. @BySamMills #9News
South Australians could be missing out on hundreds of extra dollars a year on their savings by failing to shop around for better rates.
The banks are passing the latest official rise to savings accounts as well as mortgages. @BySamMills #9News
The Premier has flown out on a six-day trade mission to help sell South Australia’s green hydrogen dream.
Existing powerhouses Japan and Korea were on the itinerary. @BySamMills #9News
Another power play by the State Government, which says expansion of Adelaide’s Botanic High School is at risk thanks to city council stalling. @BySamMills #9News
Another state government power play, this time over the Botanic High School expansion.
It says the much-needed project is at risk thanks to Adelaide City Council stalling. @BySamMills #9News
Nine animals have mysteriously died at Adelaide Zoo in just one weekend in what appears to be a mass poisoning. @BySamMills #9News
A vintage steam-powered car valued at over $200,000 dollars will hit the road for the Bay to Birdwood’s comeback this weekend.
Thousands of spectators are expected to line the route, as the event returns to its regular format for the first time in 3 years. @BySamMills #9News
After a COVID roadblock, one of South Australia’s favourite events has made a spectacular return.
Organisers are thrilled as thousands lined roads and streets for the Bay to Birdwood. @BySamMills #9News
Alarming new figures show a dangerous rise in motorists speeding and running red-lights in school zones.
Data released by the RAA suggests the drivers around two eastern suburbs schools are the primary offenders. @BySamMills #9News
A 52-year-old man’s been the victim of a callous attack outside his Mawson Lakes home. @BySamMills #9News
A Mawson Lakes man’s been bashed outside his own home before his cars were stolen right in front of him.
The three masked thugs even snatched the phone he’d used to call police and tonight, they remain on the run.@BySamMills #9News
Shocking video has emerged of a housing trust property being left to rot, while thousands of South Australian families struggle to find a place to live. @BySamMills #9News
EXCLUSIVE: #9News can reveal a close call on the South Eastern Freeway.
This vision shows the B-double approaching the tollgate without incident, but soon smoke starts coming from the rear brakes.@BySamMills #9News
A 15 year old boy says he will plead guilty to shocking terrorism offences in Adelaide, admitting to coaching others to commit radical crimes. @BySamMills #9News
EXCLUSIVE: A trolley collector caught up in a shocking shopping centre brawl has told #9News he was eating his lunch when he became the victim of a random racist attack.
The other man claiming that he was the victim as onlookers tried to break the fight-up. @BySamMills
A brave restaurant owner has performed a citizen’s arrest, taking down a man wielding a baseball bat and demanding cash at Croydon Park. @BySamMills #9News
A man said to have been wielding a baseball bat and demanding cash at a Croydon Park restaurant has been taken down by the owner and a customer in a citizen’s arrest.
But late today the investigation took a twist. @BySamMills
Police have revealed it was feared injuries suffered by a man who raided a Croydon Park restaurant may have become life threatening as he was rushed to hospital after his arrest. @BySamMills #9News
A driver who tore through the southern suburbs and lost a wheel is accused of blowing more than six times the legal limit.
And In a busy night for Police, a driver over the limit with a carload of passengers caused a nasty crash at North Adelaide. @BySamMills #9News
Wild storms are lashing South Australia as a powerful weather system sweeps the country. @BySamMills #9News

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