My stories for 9News Adelaide in November 2022.

#9News can tonight reveal a remarkable piece of World War I history hidden away inside a southern suburbs home – until today.
A delicate diary, handed down through a family, documenting one foreign soldier’s war in words and his extraordinary pictures. @BySamMills #9News
Travellers should prepare for a fresh round of chaos at our airports this summer with aviation firefighters voting to strike for the first time in Australian history. @BySamMills #9News
Thousands of Year 12 students across the state are gearing-up for the most important two weeks of their schooling journey.
Major SACE exams kicking off today, bringing with them nerves, relief and an anxious wait for results. @BySamMills #9News
EXCLUSIVE: Disturbing footage tonight of a hoon driver tearing down a northern suburbs street has been provided to #9News by residents who are fed-up.
The reckless behaviour waking families during the night. @BySamMills #9News
England is tonight through to the finals of the T20 World Cup, claiming victory over India. @BySamMills #9News

ROADRAGE – 11/11/22

A man is in custody tonight, accused of stabbing a young man at Parkside – a young girl also suffering injuries during the attack. @BySamMills #9News
South Australia’s recent storms have left a trail of destruction in their wake resulting in the state’s worst power outage since 2016. @BySamMills #9News
Dozens of South Australian schools will be closed tomorrow – and tens of thousands of homes are without power – as the clean up continues after the weekend’s severe storm. @BySamMills #9News
A crew member on a container ship has been winched from the vessel off the coast of Kangaroo Island by a MedStar helicopter after becoming unwell. @BySamMills #9News
Vision of a high-risk rescue from a cargo ship in south Australian waters has been released.
A specialist team of paramedics sent to lift a sick skipper to safety – one of them dangling from a winch line in treacherous seas. @BySamMills #9News
There are growing concerns in South Australia this morning that the state could face more widespread power outages today. @BySamMills #9News
Australia Post has apologised after a store in Adelaide put up a sign declaring it couldn’t take “Indian photos”. @BySamMills #9News
South Australia is bracing for swarms of mosquitoes this summer, prompting authorities to issue a health warning.
Conditions are now ideal for breeding and as the numbers rise so does the threat of diseases. @BySamMills #9News
Thousands across South Australia’s Murray River are preparing for their homes and businesses to be inundated by rising floodwaters. @BySamMills #9News
A man has been savagely bashed at a Glenelg North holiday rental unit, leaving a trail of blood splashed across the complex.
Terrified neighbours rushing to pull the victim and his attacker apart who then ran off. @BySamMills #9News
Tourism figures show we have broken the city’s hotel occupancy record with last week’s Harvest Rock festival.
They hope it’s just a sign of what’s to come, with the return of the Adelaide 500, now just days away. @BySamMills #9News
Celebrations at an 18th Birthday party in Adelaide’s south have ended with a 14-year-old boy stabbed.
Terrified, the teen makes a run for help with blood streaming down his back. @BySamMills #9News
There’s an “Appetite for Destruction” among Adelaide’s Guns N’ Roses fans, as they gear up for the band’s long-awaited return.
The world famous rockers are set to take to the stage tomorrow night for their rescheduled concert at Adelaide Oval. @BySamMills #9News


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