My stories for 9News Adelaide in December 2022.

A gang of four teenagers, one just 15, has been busted in Beaumont, accused of joyriding in a stolen car.
The dog squad helping track down the suspects who had clambered through backyards and onto a home’s roof in their bid to evade officers. @BySamMills #9News
A stolen car has been set on fire, dumped near a children’s playground in Parafield Gardens. @BySamMills #9News
#9News can reveal AFL football’s headed for the Hills.
Mount Barker is expected to host a match when all 18 teams gather in South Australia next April. @BySamMills
Keepers at the Adelaide Zoo are going wild with excitement after discovering Sumatran tiger Delilah is pregnant.
Due within weeks, the cubs will be the first Sumatran tigers ever born at the zoo. @BySamMills #9News
A warning for those jetting off this holiday season to be on their best behaviour.
Tonight, Federal Police are vowing to crack down on troublesome passengers and rude travellers. @BySamMills #9News
A 17-year-old-boy has been arrested, accused of a dangerous joyride across Adelaide in a luxury car he allegedly stole during a home invasion in Medindie.
Police later led to the suspect’s location in Adelaide’s south by a tracking device. @BySamMills #9News
#EXCLUSIVE: #9News has obtained vision of the moments a gang of graffiti vandals ambushed a train on the Belair line.
The pictures were filmed by stunned passengers, capturing the group emerging from the bushes at about 4 this afternoon. @BySamMills
A school student has been rescued from Adelaide Zoo’s giant panda enclosure. @BySamMills #9News
A major safety review is tonight underway at Adelaide Zoo after a school student jumped into the giant panda enclosure. @BySamMills #9News
#9News has pictures of a Christies Beach arson attack.
Security video showing the moment a man sets fire to a brand new car.
Police capturing their suspect just a short time ago. @BySamMills #9News
Anglers are reeling, following a decision to extend the state’s snapper fishing ban, until 2026.
The State Government revealing a three-year layoff, failed to replenish stocks and more time is needed. @BySamMills #9News
#EXCLUSIVE: A 31-year-old man has been rushed to hospital, after being randomly stabbed in Adelaide’s CBD.
@BySamMills #9News
A desperate plea tonight from a Brighton grandfather to the opportunistic thieves who raided his garage in the dead of night.
They left behind the bikes he restores for charity. Instead, taking the one thing he needs to get around. @BySamMills #9News
A police manhunt is tonight underway for a hit-run driver who ran over a pedestrian in Holden Hill then fled the scene.
The victim is fighting for life in the Royal Adelaide Hospital. @BySamMills #9News
There’s a pitter patter of little paws at Adelaide Zoo, with Sumatran tiger Delilah giving birth to three little cubs.
As @BySamMills reports, it’s the zoo’s first successful breeding of the endangered species in more than 20 years of trying. #9News
There are celebrations at Adelaide Zoo where Sumatran Tiger Delilah has given birth to three cubs.
The tiny trio are a big deal for a species, which numbers just in the hundreds, in the wild. @BySamMills #9News
Christmas looked more familiar for South Australians, after the chaotic past three years.
Picture perfect weather providing the opportunity for families to celebrate together, and continue long-running traditions. @BySamMills #9News
A 71-year-old man has been murdered on Christmas night, in his own home at a Reynella East Retirement Village.
A 45-year-old suspect, has been charged. @BySamMills #9News
An elderly man has been murdered in his own home in a retirement village at Reynella East.
A 45-year-old suspect is tonight behind bars, accused of the killing and #9News understands he is the victim’s son.
@BySamMills #9News
There’s been a boost for Adelaide’s sporting credentials with the upgrade of Hindmarsh Stadium complete.
A new roof, big screens and lights all ready, ahead of the Women’s World Cup experience next year. @BySamMills #9News

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